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Welcome on Melatar webpage. We are czech company based in Velký Osek near Kolín. We are specialised in custom metalwork including: laser cutting, engineering production, sheet bending and locksmith work.

We use laser cutting to produce stillages, weldments and machined parts. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, therefore laser cutting is always done in required quality and specified time.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is also used for piece, small-series or medium-series production. We use modern technology of Trumpf company. If you are interested in laser cutting, don´t habitate to contact us.

Engineering production

Engineering production is done according to technical documentation – from design to delivery of the final product. To make engineering production realy comprehensive, we provide in cooperation also coating (painting, galvanizing and CNC machinig). Our manufacturing production is used by costumers from Kolín, rest of Czech Republic and also EU countries.

Locksmith work

Locksmith works are used mainly for weldments production. All locksmith works are carried out based on costumer requirements. Locksmith works include subsequent services (machining, assembly and coating).

Sheet bending

We provide also sheet bending, when we make sure to fulfill all requirements of our customers. Sheet bending is done by experienced team of professionals, who, together with modern technology, ensure the highest possible quality. If you´d like to learn more about sheet bending, please contact us.

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